Going Green


Pitch In and Go Green

To do our part to help the environment, Colleges Ontario has taken some green measures for the Colleges Ontario 2009 Conference.

Join Colleges Ontario and the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel/Conference Centre in the effort to reduce the impact of our conference on the environment. Our efforts include:

From Colleges Ontario:

  • Conference registration and payment available electronically
  • Detailed agendas and program posted on the website
  • Session materials and speakers’ presentations available online prior to and after the conference
  • Reuseable name badges
  • Evaluation forms posted electronically
  • Lights and AV equipment turned off when not in use
  • Paper meets FSC standards.
  • Minimal use of handouts - double-sided if possible
  • Reusable signage
    - Stainless steel water bottles will be provided to all conference registrants

From the Westin Harbour Castle:

  • Water stations instead of bottled water
  • Milk and coffee cream served in bulk
  • Plates, cups and utensils instead of disposable items
  • Eco-stations (paper and waste baskets) in all meeting rooms
  • Recycling bins conveniently located and well marked throughout the hotel
  • Lights turned off when rooms are not in use
  • Hotel guests have choice of changing linens and towels daily or reusing them

From You:

  • Use energy-efficient means of transportation to the conference where possible (rail, carpooling, public transportation, purchasing carbon credits if travelling by air)
  • View conference materials online and only print what is necessary
  • Return your Colleges Ontario conference name badge before leaving the conference
  • Conform to the Westin Harbour Castle recycling program while on site.