Knowledge is Power: Advancing Competitiveness in Changing Times


Higher education and training is more important than ever.

The theme of this year’s Colleges Ontario conference, Knowledge is Power: Advancing Competitiveness in Changing Times, is an acknowledgment of that importance and of the opportunities and challenges facing colleges in the new economy.

For many people, college education and training can mean the difference between success and failure. This is particularly true for people in socioeconomic groups that have traditionally been under-represented in the higher education system. Go to any college in Ontario and you can find examples of people who were struggling to get by, and who turned their lives around by going to college and pursuing new careers.

Colleges provide new opportunities to people who have already completed a university program and need to pursue further learning and training. Colleges also retrain people who have lost their jobs and need new knowledge and skills to re-enter the workforce.

Finally, college education and training can ensure the province and country has the strongest workforce possible, with employees in every sector who are performing at their absolute best.

The Colleges Ontario 2009 Conference will look at key issues such as the economy, the structure of the postsecondary system, revenue opportunities for colleges and the political climate.

And this year the Colleges Ontario conference will be going green to improve energy efficiency, reduce resource consumption and waste production, prevent pollution, and reduce the use of toxic substances.

Be sure to register early for the Colleges Ontario 2009 Conference.